5 IDEAS on how to reuse cosmetic plastic packaging

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Have you ever wondered how many plastic packaging you face every day? Take a closer look. Probably, in the morning you took a shower and used shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, and other cosmetic products covered in plastic packaging, you made breakfast from the products that were covered in plastic. And that’s just a few of them.

We go through so many different wrappers and packages every day, that it doesn’t even get through our heads anymore. We live around plastic. The reality is that Plastic may cause pollution when poorly managed but it has lots of advantages too, such as being resistant. Many plastic items can, therefore, be reused or used for different purposes. Before throwing plastic items, we advise to consider how they can be reused. That’s why today we want to display for you some ideas on how you can easily reuse your cosmetic packaging.


IDEA NUMBER 1.Reuse creme bottle into a pot for a plant

Turn your cream jar into a pot for your new plant.

Remove the cream label by filling the sink with hot water, add a few squirts of dish soap and a few cups of white vinegar. Place your jar inside the sink and leave for 30minutes. Take the jar out and peel the label. You can easily replace the soap and vinegar with 1/2cup of soda. Properly wash the cream jar inside and outside several times. Leave the jar to dry and add a new sticker or decorate as you wish to.



Turn your cream bottle into a candy jar

Accurately wash your cream jar several times with soap until you can not smell the cream in the jar. Remove the label if you wish to. By storing your candies, gummy bears, etc. in the little jar it will help to save your sweets from getting dry and rocky. You can also store nuts, dried fruits, seeds, etc.

PRO TIP- control your sweet portions and do not to eat the whole package per time .



Turn your small cream jars into containers for jewelry

Wash your small cream containers decently, remove the labels and store your earrings or rings. 

PRO TIP- protect and keep your jewelry organized when you travel



Turn your tiny cream jar or lip balm jar into a container for your meds.

Remove all the left consistency with a spoon or paper towel. Let the dirty jar boil in the pot for 3-4 min. Carefully take it out and wipe again with a paper towel. Pop it again into a fresh pot of boiling water for five minutes, to completely sterilize it and it’s finally ready to use. You can put all the meds or vitamins that you need for the day with you, without taking a huge bottle.

PRO TIP- don’t skip your vitamin dose when traveling and take your meds into a small jar with you.



Transform your old cream jar, perfume bottle or scent bottle into a vase for flowers.

Fill the bottle with half water, half white vinegar mixture. Shake it and leave it for one hour. After one hour, pour it out and add warm water so it’s half full. Put a teaspoon of mild liquid dish soap and a teaspoon of uncooked rice inside the perfume bottle. These two ingredients break up and remove oil and other gunk inside the perfume bottle. Shake the bottle and leave it again for 1 hour. Empty the bottle and rinse it thoroughly with warm water. Let the bottle dry. It’s very important to go through all of these steps in order to remove the rich smell of the scent.

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