Who are we?

Packwise is a full-service company that designs, develops and produces packaging. We deliver generic and specially designed solutions in the form of primary packaging, secondary packaging and tertiary packaging.

Our primary packaging competencies include cosmetics packaging and personal care packaging, cleaning and disinfection packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and medical packaging.

We are a team of specialists with an international supply chain whose goal is to create customized packaging solutions that support the perception and increase the value of our customers’ products.

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Our strenghts

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We love packaging, and we work purposefully to fulfill your wishes for packaging your product. Our experience and competences allow us to offer you qualified guidance in everything from packaging design, choice of packaging material and production. In other words, we help you choose the right, value-creating packaging solution for your product – whether the desire is a specifically designed, innovative or sustainable packaging, or you decide to go for a standard solution.

Quality assurance

Quality in focus

We see it as our most important task to deliver products that meet your requirements and expectations for quality. Both quality in design, functionality and application. Quality that works for your production and as part of your end product.

Product test

In addition to order-specific requirements, our quality department tests for general product functionality and safety. For each product category, individual additional tests are performed, eg. leak test, migration test and temperature test.

Approval procedure

Based on the product you choose from our product range, we review and confirm your order specifications. You will then receive pre-production samples, which you can test and approve. Before shipping the finished goods, we always send production samples to you. Once you have received your goods, we naturally follow up on the process, so we continue to ensure high quality.


Timely delivery is part of our quality concept. So as an extra service, we always send you an update when your goods have left our factory and are on their way to you.

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Packaging design


When you have to launch a new product or give an existing product line a facelift, you have probably made various considerations about how the product should end up looking. It can be difficult to imagine what an abstract idea might look like in reality. Therefore, we have prepared a roadmap for development of new packaging, which makes it easy to get an overview of the processes from the first idea to the finished packaging solution.


Product support

We advise you on packaging options and alternatives and ensure that the desired pump, trigger spray or capsule fits your bottle. We check eg. threads and dimensions, perform leak tests and measure riser length for optimal dispensing.

Technical assistance

Filling and processing demands requires insight and technical competence. We know from experience that running in new packaging may require additional resources. That is why we offer technical assistance when testing and running in new packaging on e.g. automatic filling and processing plant. Regardless of location, you can always rely on our technical staff.

Production analysis

By appointment, we are happy to assist with analysis of your production and filling plant, so you reduce production interruptions and achieve the best possible production output.

We lead a dialogue about design language, tactile surface and shelf impact. Graphic design for standard packaging or redesign of existing design line etc. It’s very straightforward: good packaging appeals to our sense of aesthetics.

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