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Spray bottles
09 March 2023
Spray bottles Spray bottles can be used for a wide range of products – they are a particularly...
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Pharmacy bottles
01 February 2023
Pharmacy bottles At Packwise we design, develop and produce pharmaceutical packaging, including pharmacy...
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Designing pharma packaging
08 December 2022
Designing pharmaceutical packaging If you need a medicine bottle for your pharmaceutical product, let...
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Ocean waste plastic
06 December 2022
Ocean Waste Plastic Plastic is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century, but unfortunately...
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Colours and text; Two elements of packaging design
06 December 2022
Colours and text; Two elements of packaging design The packaging design is an important part of your...
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Cream jars
06 December 2022
Cream Jars Interested in filling your product in a delicious cream jar? Then you’ve come to the...
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Packaging during Christmas
06 December 2022
Christmas Packaging ideas Why do consumers love gift boxes for Christmas? December is a busy time for...
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Secondary packaging
16 April 2021
Secondary packaging At Packwise, we don’t just develop your packaging. We also have the ability...
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Plastics in the sea
15 April 2021
Plastics in the ocean Plastics in the sea is a big problem. Over the last 50 years, there has been a...
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Christmas wrapping
14 April 2021
Christmas wrapping Does your product need a nice Christmas wrapping? We think your product deserves...
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Sustainable initiatives
13 April 2021
SUSTAINABLE INITIATIVES The growing trend in society to protect the environment has created a demand...
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The colour selection
12 April 2021
The colour selection Colour selection is an important part of the design process, as it has a major...
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11 April 2021
Over-packaging Over-packaging is a key issue – especially when we think about the environment...
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New trends are influencing packaging design
10 April 2021
New trends are influence packaging design There is an increasing demand for the qualities that packaging...
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What is airless packaging?
09 April 2021
What is airless packaging? Airless packaging is an extremely popular dispenser for cosmetic products....
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Packaging for hand lotion
08 April 2021
Packaging for hand lotion It is extremely important to remember good hand hygiene, especially after...
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What is sustainable packaging?
07 April 2021
WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING? It can be difficult to answer the question of what sustainable packaging...
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