Copenhagen Grooming Gift Box

Copenhagen Grooming

We have the pleasure of presenting our packaging solution for Copenhagen Grooming’s gift box. Copenhagen Grooming designs beard care products and has worked closely with the development of this visual packaging design.

A solution that is delivered in more than 60 countries is ready to help men grow a fuller beard.

Copenhagen Grooming​
Copenhagen Grooming​ bottles

Our task

For the series of grooming products, Beard Growth Kit, Copenhagen Grooming wanted a partner for development and production of among other things a specifically designed box. The requirement was a quality box that both elegantly presents the product series and which at the same time can withstand harsh treatment in connection with transportation and delivery to customers worldwide.


Copenhagen Grooming develops innovative skin and beard care products for men who dream of a well-groomed and full beard. In collaboration with Copenhagen Grooming, we have developed and produced a gift box for a series of their products.

We have created two versions as there was room for improvement after the first box was manufactured.

black box copenhagen grooming
Copenhagen Grooming​ accessories in package


Copenhagen Grooming’s stylistic visual universe is replicated in color and form on the stylish kit box. The format and reinforcement of the gift box is designed and developed for optimal fixation of the individual products.

The matt laminating on the strong cardboard gives the box the desired tactility that supports the quality of the product series.


The new gift boxes for Copenhagen Grooming have to date been delivered in more than 60 countries – ready to help men grow a fuller beard.