Urtekram's Cosmetic Packaging


Urtekram International A/S was founded in 1972 and is Scandinavia’s largest organic wholesaler. The company develops and produces a wide range of diet products and personal care products. Urtekram’s products are sold in more than 36 countries.
Urtekram wanted a new and shatterproof packaging, consisting of bottle and pump for their relaunch of their product Kokos Hårolie Øko. You can read more about the collaboration with Urtekram International A/S below.

urtekram nourishing hair oil

Our task

To relaunch the product Coconut Hair Oil Eco, Urtekram wants a new and shatterproof packaging, consisting of a bottle and a pump. Due to the high viscosity of the oil, there are a number of specific requirements for the packaging solution. The bottle must be shatterproof, but have the look & feel of the glass bottle and at the same time the material must provide protection against sunlight. The bottle must be exclusive and elegant, be heavier than ordinary plastic bottles and must fit into Urtekram’s wide range and match existing shelf impact.

In addition, a high-quality cream pump (with the classic silver-colored caster) that can easily dispense the oil in the chosen dosage. And then, of course, the solution must be easy to label.


As Urtekram describe on their website, they have a long history of ecological passion. Urtekram was founded in 1972, at a time when pioneering spirit, sense of community and environmental awareness were emerging.

Where ecology was still only in its infancy, where the developing world had not dreamed of being renamed fair trade and where all this was an idealistic matter for the few. They have since been deeply involved in a fantastic journey of ecology and sustainability.



An elegant PET bottle with a frosted surface and the desired brown protective color. A quality bottle where the weight is increased from standard 15 grams to 21 grams to ensure the exclusive hand-feel. The round shape is chosen for easy labeling. The bottle is fitted with a cream pump from Packwise’s premium series, which has been tested and is suitable for high-viscosity products.

The pump is designed and produced with a UV-coated caster to avoid metal parts. The solution has been developed based on Urtekram’s desire to combine an elegant solution with recyclable materials without compromising on the exclusive expression and hand-feel.


The result is a custom-made PET bottle with a premium cream pump with cap that protects the product and prevents accidental dispensing. The finished packaging solution complies with Urtekram’s requirements for functionality, quality and design.