Industrial packaging

At Packwise, we offer a wide range of plastic bins and tubs for various purposes, such as bins for food and building materials. Our speciality is buckets with lids in large quantities. We also offer tailor-made packaging solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Our buckets are made of PE and PP plastic, which is highly suitable material due to its durability.
We have a lot of different plastic buckets with lids, which you can find in our product catalogue. Our range is sold in large quantities, which guarantees you a low unit price. We also offer tailor-made packaging solutions to meet your packaging requirements.

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Facts about our plastic buckets

  • Our buckets are made of PE and PP plastic
  • They are heat and cold resistant
  • They can be used for liquid and dry contents
  • They have a shatterproof seal
  • They are light in weight
  • They are designed to be easily stackable

Suitable for both food and building materials

The range also includes buckets for building materials, such as masonry buckets or paint buckets with lids, which are particularly suitable for paint or polyfilla, for example. 
If you are looking for a plastic bucket for paint, we recommend our round buckets of 3-10 litres, which cover most needs. If you need an even larger bucket, we have round buckets with capacities of up to 33 litres. We also have square buckets that hold up to 18 litres, as well as oval buckets in sizes 3 and 18 litres.

The same buckets can also be used for food. Our buckets come with lids that seal the product responsibly, so you can be sure that food won’t spoil during transport and storage. Our range includes food grade buckets designed for the food industry. 
The buckets can be used for potatoes, dressing or something else.  

Buckets in different shapes and colours

Our standard range of buckets is white, but we can colour them to your requirements. This allows you to choose the colour that best suits your products.

If you don’t want white buckets, there are plenty of options for a bespoke packaging solution with black buckets, blue buckets or a completely different colour.

The standard range gives you plenty of options for both round and square buckets, depending on the shape that suits your needs. 

Possibility of logo printing

If you want to stand out from the crowd, we recommend having your logo printed on the bucket. This creates eye-catching packaging that promotes your brand – without the need for commercials and expensive promotions.

Sustainable packaging

At Packwise, we care about the environment, and we want to reflect that in our range of packaging. This applies to all our packaging categories – and therefore of course also to industrial packaging. 

Our buckets and tubs can be made from sustainable materials, so you can use them with a clear conscience and help make a positive difference. Want us to replace your buckets with sustainable alternatives?

We’ve focused on developing high-quality buckets that don’t cost a fortune. So you can get cheap bins from Packwise without compromising on quality and sustainability. 

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We are happy to help with your industrial packaging.

At Packwise, we help you find the best possible solution for your product. We meet your needs in terms of functionality, design and material. Whether you’re looking for a standard plastic pail or a custom-designed packaging solution.

We can offer a fixed and wide range of plastic pails in PE and PP that can be personalised by colouring, printing, labelling, etc. This way you can put your own stamp on your packaging solution and create a unique product. We can also develop a custom solution for your product if you wish. Whatever you choose, you can be sure of expert advice on the possibilities for creating your own packaging profile. At Packwise, the options are many and we do our utmost to meet your industrial packaging requirements.

We look forward to designing, developing and producing your next industrial packaging. If you have any questions or would like to order packaging samples today, please contact us here:


Accordion Content

Industrial packaging refers to plastic pails and tubs used to contain industrial products such as food, paint and other building materials. It is designed to withstand harsh working environments and stresses during transport and handling.

Industrial packaging can be sustainable through the use of recyclable materials such as PE and PP plastics, which have a low impact on the environment, reduce waste and utilise environmentally friendly production methods.

The purpose of industrial packaging is to protect and store large quantities of products during transport and storage. It is designed to facilitate easy handling and efficient storage in factories and distribution centres. Alongside this, it’s also larger and more robust than consumer packaging.

When choosing industrial packaging, pay attention to product characteristics such as size, shape and weight. This will help determine the right type and strength of packaging. Likewise, it must be able to withstand transport conditions, including shock and pressure.

Yes, we offer customisation of industrial packaging with your logo or design to meet your branding and marketing needs. This way, we make sure your packaging is unique.

Yes, we have an MOQ on orders that varies from product to product. Typically, the MOQ is between 5,000 and 20,000 pieces, depending on the packaging.

Yes, we are happy to provide guidance and advice on your next packaging project. Feel free to write or call us and we will be happy to organise a non-binding meeting with you.