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01. May 2024


In the cosmetics and beauty industry, packaging plays a significant role beyond its practical function. It serves as a form of artistic expression that reflects the company’s values and approach, where sustainability plays a greater role than ever before. In this blog post, we take a closer look at five Danish cosmetic brands whose sustainable packaging design and solutions are garnering attention and sparing the environment.

Monday Bliss: Honest and Creative Sustainable Packaging

Monday Bliss is about making Monday “my day” through a modern lifestyle brand with products aimed at boosting energy, joy, and awareness in everyday life. Behind Monday Bliss is former actress Carla Mickelborg, who, based on her own self-development journey, aims to help others on their journey towards honesty and mental and physical well-being.

Monday Bliss’ packaging and products are designed with a focus on the organic and minimalist. Distractions in the form of loud colors are removed to make room for a focus on the calm and simplicity in the beauty of minimalism. Each packaging is carefully designed with the purpose of creating a sense of calm and clarity, so you can start your week with the right mindset. The production of the packaging also focuses on the environment through minimal processing, ensuring a smaller environmental footprint.

However, Monday Bliss is more than just an aesthetically pleasing brand. It is a movement that encourages connecting with yourself and your surroundings in a deeper way. With the products, Monday Bliss aims to create an experience of well-being and presence that lasts longer than just Monday but extends throughout the week.

You can read all about sustainable packaging and the options we offer by following the link.

Nuori: Packaging with a Focus on the Natural

Nuori is a cosmetics brand that focuses on natural skincare products with clear effectiveness. Behind the brand is Jasmi Bonnén, originally from Finland, hence the name Nuori, which loosely translates to “young and fresh”.

The focus on the natural is also reflected in the company’s simple packaging and minimalist expression, which is evident in the use of white and yellow colors in packaging design; colors that constitute the company’s visual identity. Nuori works closely with global experts from around the world to ensure that their packaging is of the highest quality with a focus on sustainability.

An example of Nuori’s commitment to sustainable packaging can be seen in their new Enriched Hand & Body Wash and lotion bottles, which are made from a carbon-negative sugarcane biopolymer. For each kilogram of this biopolymer produced, 3.09 kilograms of CO2 are removed from the air through the sugarcane plant, which you can read more about here.

By continuing to innovate and collaborate with experts from around the world, Nuori cements its commitment to creating high-quality products that both nurture the skin and respect the planet.

Rudolph Care: Out with Chemicals - In with Delicate Sustainable Packaging

Grundlagt i 2009 af den tidligere journalist og tv-/radiovært Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph har virksomheden en vision om at tilbyde kosmetiske produkter fri for kemikalier, som præsenteres i delikat og indbydende indpakning.

The products are delivered in packaging that, with its simple expression and the company’s purple hues, creates a sense of elegance and environmental consciousness. Rudolph’s passion for creating personal care products free from chemicals is also reflected in the company’s pursuit of products with less environmental impact. For example, Rudolph’s tubes consist of a single layer of PCR (recycled plastic) on the outside and virgin (new) plastic on the inside. In 2022, they also introduced new packaging for the series’ 400 ml bottles, which consist of 100% recyclable PET plastic (rPET).

Rudolph’s commitment and desire to offer chemical-free products in elegant packaging, along with the company’s ongoing efforts to minimize environmental impact, make it one of the brands that we admire.

Kjær Weis: Sustainable Luxury

Kjær Weis is a luxury makeup brand founded by Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjær Weis. Her vision is to create a range of high-quality organic makeup that combines performance, aesthetics, and sustainability. Kjær Weis products are known for their luxurious packaging and pigmented formulas, which are also free of harmful chemicals and allergy-tested. The brand offers a wide range of products, including foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, and more, appealing to those who want to incorporate healthier and more sustainable beauty products into their daily routine.

The sustainable element is clearly expressed through the use of refillable packaging solutions, which enable reusability, thereby reducing the production of new packaging. More than 90 percent of the company’s products are created with this solution in mind. You can read more about refillable packaging in our blog post here.

Ecooking: A Recipe for Beautiful Sustainable Packaging

Ecooking‘s mission is not only to restore the skin to normalcy but also to create a deeper connection between consumers and their skincare routine. The company’s products are carefully developed with a focus on delivering effective results while embracing naturalness and ecology.

To achieve high consumer transparency and trust, Ecooking has chosen to clearly present all ingredients on the front of their packaging. This transparency allows consumers to make informed choices about their skincare routine and understand what is being applied to their skin.

Furthermore, Ecooking’s commitment to the environment is clearly evident in the choice of packaging. By using rPET plastic, the environmental impact is reduced by recycling materials that would otherwise end up as waste. This sustainable approach not only helps to reduce the company’s carbon footprint but also highlights Ecooking’s commitment to creating a more responsible future for our planet.

Ecooking’s dedication to creating products that not only nurture the skin but also respect the environment is an inspiring model for other companies in the beauty industry. Ecooking’s continued commitment to sustainability and transparency ensures that consumers can enjoy healthier and more conscious choices when caring for their skin.

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