12. October 2023

9 Danish cosmetic packaging designs we admire


At Packwise, we love creative packaging solutions and are constantly looking for inspiration to deliver the best solutions in cosmetic packaging in the market.

Packaging is both an extension of a product and a unique touchpoint to express your brand’s identity.

Therefore, it makes sense to explore and get inspired by the various packaging solutions that exist. Here, we have chosen to celebrate some Danish cosmetic brands for their cosmetic packaging, whether it’s about design, functionality, or something entirely different.

1. Miild

Miild is a makeup brand that stands out from many other manufacturers in the market. What sets Miild apart is their dedication to creating products without endocrine-disrupting chemicals. This is a rarity in the world of makeup and makes Miild a unique choice for consumers who want healthy and safe makeup.

Behind Miild are the founders Tanja and Tine, both with allergies, giving them a personal understanding of the importance of creating products that are gentle and safe for users. Their commitment to user trust is evident and is reflected in their products. This effort was recognized when the Consumer Council TÆNK gave all of Miild’s products the highest rating in their chemical test on June 22, 2020.

Miild’s commitment to user safety and their ability to deliver products without harmful substances have made them a reliable choice for anyone who wants to enjoy makeup without compromising their health.


2. Nilens jord

Since its foundation in 1982, Nilens Jord has been a pioneer in the beauty industry. As early as 1990, they took a remarkable step by becoming the first Danish beauty brand to eliminate the use of perfume in their products. This decision was made with a focus on creating products that are gentle and suitable for various skin types.

Nilens Jord offers a wide range of beauty products, but they are especially known for their iconic clay pot containing bronzing powder. This unique packaging stands out significantly from the rest of the industry and has made Nilens Jord’s brand highly recognizable. By using clay as packaging material, Nilens Jord has not only created a unique aesthetic expression but has also managed to enhance their brand equity. This alternative approach to packaging demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and innovation, making them a favorite choice among consumers seeking both quality and originality in their beauty products.

Nilens jord

3. Zenz

ZENZ is a remarkable company that has undergone an impressive transformation, starting as Denmark’s first green hair salon and evolving into creating a wide range of indulgent beauty products that not only nourish but also respect both people and the environment.

What makes ZENZ even more impressive is their ability to translate their brand identity into their packaging. Their hair color packaging is not like typical product packaging. Instead of using an over-glamorous approach with shiny supermodels, they have opted for a creative illustration reflecting their botanical message. This unique packaging solution is refreshing and stands out from the crowd.

ZENZ’s packaging is not just an ordinary container; it is a piece of art representing the company’s values and personality. This creative approach to packaging helps define who ZENZ is as a company, differentiating them from others in the market. It is inspiring to see how they have managed to create a packaging solution that is not only aesthetically appealing but also sustainable and in line with their botanical message.


4. Zenz (again)

ZENZ has made a groundbreaking decision by offering their products in a 2500 ml packaging with a focus on refill. This approach is not only practical but also an excellent way to reduce the use of plastic packaging. The refill concept is familiar from hand soaps in supermarkets, and it’s fantastic to see this idea being applied in the beauty industry.

What makes refills so important is their ability to minimize the use of non-recyclable plastic, especially in dispensers that typically cannot be recycled. By avoiding non-recyclable plastic in their packaging, ZENZ not only contributes to protecting the environment but also helps prevent microplastics from ending up in our oceans and nature.

While plastic itself can be an environmentally friendly solution because it can be 100% recyclable, it’s still crucial to be mindful of the potential environmental consequences, especially when it comes to packaging that cannot be recycled. This environmental awareness and focus on sustainability are vital to preserving our planet.

It’s encouraging to see companies like ZENZ take steps towards more sustainable packaging solutions. Innovation in the packaging industry will continue to play a central role in reducing our environmental impact, and it’s exciting to follow how this development will progress in the future. If you want to explore more about sustainable packaging, you can find additional information at Packwise or read our e-book on types of plastics to enhance your knowledge on this important topic.

Zenz Shampoo

5. Australian Bodycare

Since 1992, Australian Bodycare has been combating bad skin with a dedicated mission. Their key ingredient is Tea Tree Oil, which plays a central role in this series. This natural ingredient is known for its many beneficial properties for the skin.

What makes Australian Bodycare unique is their approach to products for hair loss. Unlike many clinical and medical products, they have created a series that doesn’t lose its identity. Instead of following the conventional path, they have chosen to illustrate Australia’s impressive nature on their packaging. This not only creates a visually appealing product but also brings a sense of connection to nature into the skincare routine.

Australian Bodycare continues their fight for healthy skin by offering products that are not only effective but also provide a unique experience for users, connected to the magnificent nature of Australia.

6. Copenhagen Grooming

This brand is committed to designing products that help men achieve great beards! Their Activator and Cleaner are surrounded by elegant and glossy airless dispensers, adding a touch of luxury to beard care. These dispensers are encapsulated in a raw and minimalist packaging design that emphasizes the brand’s modern and stylish approach to beauty care.

If you want to learn more about Copenhagen Grooming and their innovative approach to creating their gift sets, you can find additional information on our blog. There, you will discover the exciting details behind the creation of their products and gain insight into the passion they put into helping men care for their beards in the best possible way.

Copenhagen Grooming Kit

7. Ecooking

Ecooking was founded in 2014 and has now evolved to offer more than 60 different products. The company has a special focus on solving skin problems and aims to make it easily accessible to everyone. A notable characteristic of Ecooking’s products is their modern Nordic packaging design. Particularly, the label, along with the raw choice of typography, provides an elegant expression.

Regardless of the product type, all Ecooking products share a common visual identity that makes them recognizable. The consistent packaging allows identifying the products as part of the same series, making it easy for consumers to find the right products for their skincare needs.


8. Beauté Pacifique

Beauté Pacifique, the Danish beauty company with a French name, has undergone remarkable development since 1997 and has become an internationally recognized brand in skincare.

The company has been a trailblazer in skincare by introducing the first cream scientifically documented for its ability to make the skin younger. Their products are not only known for their effectiveness but also for their elegant blue identity, which has become a trademark for Beauté Pacifique. Especially, their Serum Paradoxe is recognizable to many.

The beautiful navy blue gradient on the packaging is perfectly complemented by the shiny dispenser and the exclusive font choice on the serum. This carefully designed cosmetic packaging serves as an active touchpoint in positioning their brand, which continues to stand strong globally.

Beauté Pacifique has not only created effective skincare products but has also managed to integrate aesthetics and elegance into their packaging design, contributing to their global success and popularity. Their innovative approach to both product development and packaging design has solidified their position as a leading name in the beauty industry.

9. Tromborg

Tromborg, founded by a former makeup artist and a biochemist specialized in anti-aging research, is a company driven by product quality rather than the typical focus on Instagram influencers. Their approach is based on science and natural ingredients, which is one of the reasons for their success.

What truly sets Tromborg apart is their luxurious and simple packaging design. The company manages to showcase the product inside the packaging in an exceptional way. The beautiful blue color on the packaging, representing ‘mud,’ along with Marianna Tromborg and Tim Schyberg’s “Behind the science” concept, emphasizes the company’s focus on the core values of the product.

Tromborg’s approach to packaging is also remarkable. They demonstrate that packaging doesn’t just have to be a protective casing around the product but can also be part of the product experience. This mindset illustrates their commitment to thinking innovatively about packaging solutions. By focusing on the product’s content and value instead of being distracted by other factors, Tromborg has managed to establish itself as a trusted and valued player in the beauty industry. Their approach is a great example of how thoughtful and elegant packaging can enhance the brand’s message and appeal to customers seeking authenticity and quality.

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