Airless flasker

24. April 2024


Airless dispensers are the perfect packaging solution for the beauty industry – but why?

The beauty industry

The beauty industry has never been bigger than it is now. As a consumer, you have countless options, which means increased competition for the many personal care and cosmetics companies. The industry is visual and aesthetic, so packaging plays a major role in creating your brand and selling your product. At Packwise, we are experts in developing customized solutions for our customers. One of our best-selling packaging types for beauty products is the popular airless packaging.

Airless packaging

Why is airless packaging so popular?

Airless packaging has a wide range of features that make it a very advantageous choice for both consumer and manufacturer. Airless prevents contamination from fingers and air from entering the container. It protects the product contents from bacteria and ensures that the product does not oxygenate. This extends the shelf life of the product – both opened and unopened – and enables reduced use of preservatives.

We help you design your own airless dispenser

Of course, you can design the container yourself. Airless is typically produced in plastic and is available in sizes from 30-500 ml in both round and square containers. The packaging is available in all standard colors and for larger orders, there are even more options: the container can be dyed, the material can be matted and the surface can be given a metallic coating. The container can be delivered with the dispensing that is adapted to your product and its viscosity. This ensures that your product content is dispensed in the desired quantities without complications with over- or under-dosing. This gives you the opportunity to make your own mark on the functionality and design of the packaging.

Copenhagen Grooming

Copenhagen Grooming develops innovative skin and beard care products for men who dream of a well-groomed and full beard. For the series of products in their Beard Growth Kit, Copenhagen Grooming wanted a sparring partner for the development and production of packaging. The kit includes The Activator Serum and The Sanitizer, both of which are airless containers. The packaging fits perfectly with the high product quality and the otherwise stylish design. If you are interested in knowing more about our work with Copenhagen Grooming, you can read more here.

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copenhagen grooming

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