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28. November 2023

Extended Producer Responsibility pushed to July 2025

In August 2022, a board of politicians reached a comprehensive agreement on extended producer responsibility for packaging, with planned implementation on January 1, 2025. With this agreement, individual companies are tasked with the responsibility for the environmental and health consequences of their products throughout their entire life cycle, from manufacturing to disposal and recycling of packaging.

Extended producer responsibility is a crucial component of the overarching strategy for producer responsibility, obliging manufacturers not only to deliver products but also to manage the potential negative impacts on the environment and society. The goal is to motivate producers to design more sustainable products and contribute to the reduction of waste volumes and increased recycling.

Postponed by six months

The implementation of this agreement has been temporarily postponed until July 1, 2025. This decision is based on the communication from the European Commission, which stipulates that Denmark is not allowed to implement new rules in this area, as they are still under discussion at the EU level, including the revision of the packaging regulation.

The previously set dates for mandatory registration with Dansk Producent Ansvar have also been adjusted. Initially, producers were required to register from January 1, 2024, but now the Ministry of the Environment expects the registration to be completed no later than April 1, 2024.

This extension provides companies with extra time to prepare and implement necessary measures. However, it is important to note that further delays may have negative consequences. Denmark is already lagging behind other European countries where producer responsibility is crucial for green transition and the ambition to promote a more circular use of resources.

Sprayflaske med 2025 og naturbaggrund

What is means for your business

For companies , it will now be mandatory to register with DPA in 2024. The Ministry of the Environment expects the registration deadline to be April 1, 2024. The process requires information such as the CVR number, contact details, and any affiliation with a collective scheme.
At the same time, companies need to register their anticipated quantities of marketed packaging for 2024, broken down by fractions and specified in relation to businesses and households. Failure to register may result in sanctions.

The political agreement forms the basis for the national implementation of an EU requirement for producer responsibility for packaging. Denmark is among the few EU countries that have not yet implemented this responsibility and therefore has an urgent need to keep up with the green wave.

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