26. October 2023

Generation Snack - From packaging to food

This post highlights the company Generation Snack, known for its unique packaging design and innovative food packaging. Generation Snack sells delicious and highly seasoned kettle chips in a clever and functional package. The box containing the chips also doubles as a serving tray, making it easier to share chips with family and friends on the go.

Learn more about Generation Snack and food packaging in this post.

Food packaging

There are several requirements for packaging and wrapping food that are important to consider when developing food packaging. We provide an overview of these requirements, which are also outlined in the Danish Food Authority’s Hygiene Guidelines.

Packaging material and food packaging must be clean. Materials must not affect or be affected by the food. Materials must not release substances that can affect the taste, smell, or color of the food. Materials must be stored and handled hygienically. Packaging and wrapping must protect the food from cross-contamination, contamination, and odors. At Packwise, we ensure that we always meet these safety and health requirements when developing and producing food packaging. You can learn more about the requirements for packaging and wrapping food on the Danish Food Authority’s website.


Generation Snack's Packaging and Serving Suggestions

Generation Snack is a newly launched chips brand offering three different varieties of chips that are easy to share on the go. The packaging not only serves the purpose of protecting the contents but also doubles as a serving solution, eliminating the need to eat chips directly from a foil bag. In addition to its functionality, the packaging boasts a unique look, designed by various up-and-coming artists. Generation Snack’s packaging is distinctive, aesthetically pleasing, and functional, setting it apart from competitors’ solutions.


At Packwise, we design, develop, and produce boxes for a variety of purposes. We create boxes for food items, like in the case of Generation Snack, but we also offer boxes for diverse applications. Our boxes can be used for a wide range of products, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We always prioritize ensuring that the product and its packaging present a seamless experience. This focus applies to both primary and secondary packaging. Learn more about our selection of boxes here.

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