New trends are influence packaging design

There is an increasing demand for the qualities that packaging must meet. The basic functions of packaging are to respond to the quality of the product and to protect it from external influences. Packaging must also be attractive to look at, contain information about the contents and be reasonably priced.

Recycling of materials for use in the production of new packaging

Instead of simply making packaging more eco-friendly and less environmentally damaging to dispose of after use, packaging designers are now wracking their brains to devise easy ways to recycle used packaging.

Compostable packaging

It appeals to the environmentally conscious consumer when a product is packaged in a material that can easily decompose in nature – even in the customer’s own garden. Sustainable trends have flourished in recent years, which is why demand for biodegradable products is also rising sharply. 

Intelligent packaging

Every day the technology evolves, the word is now possible to produce packaging that monitors a product’s quality and shelf life. It is a great challenge for packaging designers to combine environmentally friendly packaging and the technological aspect. 

Packaging for online stores

Online shopping is growing steadily and the demand for protective shipping packaging is feeling the upward popularity curve. As a result, interest in eco-friendly bubble wrap and inflatable pillows is also increasing – among retailers as well as consumers. 

Less is more

To reduce the negative environmental impact of packaging, it is essential to consider how much packaging is actually needed. The less material used for packaging, the less material we have to dispose of or recycle. It is therefore a key area when designing new packaging.

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If you want to know more, you can read about the different types of plastic on our sustainable packaging page.

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