Packaging for hand lotion

It is extremely important to remember good hand hygiene, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. We wash and rinse our hands many times a day, which can wear on our skin. That’s why it’s extra important to have a good hand lotion to care for and moisturise dry hands. At Packwise we have a wide range of packaging that can be used for hand lotion. In this post, we will highlight two ideas for hand lotion packaging.

Pick the right colour scheme

What should your hand cream be for your customers? If you create a delicious product, the packaging should, of course, match. This creates an interaction that gives the consumer a good overall impression of the product. We have found inspiration in Faaborg Pharma‘s delicious pink packaging and product content.

As a packaging company, we know the importance of design. One of our suggestions is to create a delicious design that interacts with the product content – in a way that is a little out of the ordinary. Creating packaging in a great colour and match the product content with this colour. In this way you ensure a consistent colour theme that will appeal to the consumer who cares about quality as well as the visual element. Your product will stand out from other products and will act as a cute accessory to take in your bag on the go. You can see our range of products in the product catalogue.

Hand lotion with a delicious design that matches today’s trends

If the consumer is going to choose your product to display in the bathroom, your packaging needs to be visually appealing. We’ve chosen L:A Bruket‘s stylish packaging as an example. Many trends point towards the Nordic simple style in nice earthy colours and a simple design. Create a design that speaks to the trends of the time and that consumers will leave standing. If your product is placed in front of the consumer, it is more likely to be used and noticed than if it was tucked away in a drawer.

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