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27th April 2023

PET bottles for disinfection packaging

PET bottles are a popular packaging solution for a wide range of products, including disinfection. This post highlights the benefits of using PET bottles as packaging for disinfectant products.

Advantages of PET bottles for disinfection packaging

PET bottles are in many ways an ideal packaging solution for disinfection packaging. PET, or Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a type of plastic that has numerous advantages when used as a packaging material. First and foremost, the material is strong and durable, which means that PET bottles have good longevity. Additionally, PET bottles are resistant to chemicals, making them a suitable packaging solution for disinfectants. Disinfectant products typically contain alcohol and other chemicals, which PET bottles are able to withstand. 


A cheaper solution

PET bottles also have the advantage of being lightweight and therefore cheaper to transport than other heavier packaging materials. This reduces the cost of distributing disinfectant products.

Reusable material

Another advantage of PET bottles is that they are reusable. This reduces the amount of packaging waste generated when you choose PET bottles as your packaging solution. Additionally, producing new bottles requires less energy and fewer resources, which is also beneficial for the environment.

The many purposes can PET bottles

At Packwise, you can find PET bottles in various sizes and shapes, which makes them suitable for many purposes. It is important to choose a bottle in an appropriate size for your disinfectant. If you are selling a hand sanitizer that consumers can take on the go, then smaller bottles of 50-100 ml are ideal. The larger bottles of 500-1000 ml, on the other hand, are more suitable for use in companies, stores, or institutions.

Pump, cap, or sprayer?

Our PET bottles are available with different types of pumps and caps. The choice depends on the type and quantity of dosing you want from your packaging. It is also possible to produce PET bottles with accompanying sprayers, which make it easy to apply the disinfectant to surfaces.

If you are considering a PET bottle for your disinfectant, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you with the design, development, and production of your PET packaging.

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