Spray bottles

Black and orange spray bottle

Spray bottles can be used for a wide range of products – they are a particularly popular packaging solution for cleaning. At Packwise, we have a wide selection of spray bottles that can be used for many different purposes. In this article, you can learn more about the different types of spray bottles.

Cleaning packaging: make cleaning more sustainable with Packwise

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When you think of sustainable cleaning products, you probably think of the content. However, packaging is also a significant factor when evaluating how sustainable a cleaning product is. To create more sustainable cleaning packaging, you can choose a spray bottle made of recyclable materials. If the packaging can be refilled, fewer resources will be used, as fewer new spray bottles need to be produced. At Packwise, we are ready to help you develop spray bottles that have a sustainable, functional, and aesthetic design that matches your brand’s visual identity.

Trigger sprayers

Brun trigger sprayer til rengøring

Trigger sprayers are highly effective for cleaning larger areas. The packaging is designed to dispense a constant stream of liquid when the trigger is pressed. The sprayer’s range can be adjusted, making the packaging ideal for cleaning high-up surfaces or hard-to-reach areas.

Mist sprayers

brown mist sprayer

A mist sprayer is most optimal for purposes where a finer and more even misting of liquid is required. Therefore, mist sprayers are an ideal packaging solution for care products such as perfume, hair products, and facemists. When the trigger is pressed, the spray bottle dispense a fine mist that provides a light and even distribution of the content.

Let us help you!

Spray bottles are the ideal packaging solution for a wide variety of products and purposes. Allow us to assist you in choosing the perfect spray bottle for your product. This includes considerations of functionality, sustainability, and packaging design. We are ready to help you design, develop, and produce packaging solutions tailored to your product. If you are interested in learning more about how we can assist you, contact us today. You are also welcome to explore our other specialized packaging categories on our inspiration page here.


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