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17. October 2023

Cleaning Packaging: Sustainability & Customer Experience

In an age where environmental consciousness is at an all-time high, the importance of recyclable packaging cannot be overstated. However, a common misconception exists that incorporating eco-friendly materials compromises the consumer experience. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Recent revolution in cleaning packaging has not only made it more sustainable but also enhanced the overall customer experience.

Brands are now exploring innovative materials that are both sustainable and consumer friendly. For instance, our collaboration with Coop with regard to their Änglamark brand.

Enhanced Design and Functionality:

Incorporating recyclable materials has sparked creativity in packaging design. Brands are now focusing on creating visually appealing and functional packaging solutions that enhance the overall consumer experience. For instance, packaging with resealable features not only keeps products fresh but also adds convenience for consumers. This focus on design and functionality ensures that the switch to recyclable materials does not compromise user experience.

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Collaborative Efforts:

Collaboration among brands, manufacturers, and recycling facilities is crucial for the successful implementation of recyclable packaging. By working together, these entities can develop efficient recycling systems that encourage the responsible disposal of packaging materials. This collaborative approach ensures that recyclable packaging is not only sustainable but also actively contributes to environmental conservation efforts.

Änglamark Sustainable PET Bottle

One shining example of sustainable packaging that does not compromise the customer experience is the 900 ml PET bottle produced from recycled material (RPET) by Änglamark, a brand committed to sustainability. This eco-friendly packaging choice reflects Änglamark’s dedication to the environment without compromising the user’s experience.


To enhance customer usability, the round bottle cleverly incorporates flat sides with a ribbed texture, providing a better grip for consumers. What’s more, the bottle features measuring/dosing indicators strategically placed diagonally. This thoughtful design not only promotes a better dosing experience but also ensures accuracy regardless of how the bottle is held.

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The bottle is adorned with a clear, informative label that communicates essential details such as product information, variant, and certifications. Moreover, it proudly showcases the new improved dosing experience, emphasizing Änglamark’s commitment to user satisfaction. To add a touch of brand identity, the well-known Änglamark logo is discreetly embossed in the top of the capsule, making product identification effortless for consumers.

This Änglamark PET bottle stands as a testament to the fact that sustainable packaging can be both environmentally friendly and user-friendly. By combining innovative design, recycled materials, and a focus on improving the customer experience, Änglamark has set a remarkable example for the industry, proving that eco-conscious choices need not compromise the quality or usability that consumers expect.

Incorporating such eco-friendly initiatives not only benefits the environment but also enhances the overall brand image. It showcases a brand’s commitment to responsible practices while ensuring that customers continue to enjoy products in packaging that is both intuitive and sustainable.

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