The colour selection

Colour selection is an important part of the design process, as it has a major impact on the look of your product. You can work to evoke certain associations in the consumer through your choice of colour, packaging and design. But how do you choose the right colour?


It can be difficult to describe the colour you want your packaging to be. Army green, dark blue and pink look different depending on who you ask. That’s why at Packwise we use the Pantone Matching System. Using this system, you can designate exactly the colour you want for your packaging. The Pantone colours are systematised with identification in the form of numbers, which makes it easy to exchange information about the colours. The system ensures that you get the specific colour you want.

Colour choice for skin care and cosmetic packaging

In cosmetics and personal care, the focus is on aesthetics and the visual elements. Packaging is therefore an important factor in this sector. Your packaging allows you to differentiate your product from those of your competitors.

Colour selection is an extremely important element of your packaging communication that can support your branding. However, it requires careful analysis and great consideration so that your colour choice does not end up working against your brand image. Colour allows you to implement your brand’s key messages in your packaging. For example, a green colour can symbolise care for the environment. Your colour choice can also reveal your target audience. Especially in personal care, dark colours can point out that you are targeting men.

It can be difficult to predict what signal your packaging will send to consumers. Indeed, colours can evoke different associations in consumers, resulting in different perceptions of your brand and product. The colour of your packaging can therefore be a difficult choice that requires careful consideration. At Packwise, we are always ready to help you through the entire development and design process.


Origins, the skincare and cosmetics brand, focuses on colour in its designs. They make use of powerful colours, creating cohesion in the product lines and catching the consumer’s eye on the shelves. Each product is adorned with a colour, which is used to create associations with the product’s benefits and ingredients. For example, the ‘GinZing’ product line can be found in the Origins range, where the packaging has a fiery orange colour. Orange is often associated with healthy, juicy fruits, vitamin C, warmth and energy, which is consistent with the purpose of the GinZing products: to give skin a fresh, healthy and radiant glow.

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