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26. October 2023

Do you want to succeed with e-commerce? Think sustainability!

Online sales are increasing, and so is consumers’ environmental awareness. Consumers now demand higher quality products and packaging than ever before. This, of course, presents challenges, but it also creates opportunities, and we want to shed light on them for you. In this post, we will, among other things, tell you how you can turn consumers’ growing environmental consciousness to your advantage.

Why is packaging important at all?

Packaging is important because it is more than just a wrapper or protection for your product. Your choice of packaging and design actually has significant implications for your brand and your sales.

Think of your packaging as an extension of your brand: it is highly relevant that your packaging aligns with your company’s values, as your packaging should contribute to selling your products. When your products are sold online, consumers don’t have the opportunity to physically interact with your products. Therefore, your packaging plays the role of enticing consumers to own your product.

Sustainable E-commerce

Every year, Danes spend 174 billion DKK online. The many products shipped are packaged in enormous amounts of packaging, which burdens the environment. In early 2020, the government initiated an effort to provide more knowledge on how to achieve more sustainable packaging in e-commerce.

The growing e-commerce sector demands an increasing focus on sustainability in the area of packaging, as large quantities of packaging from online shopping are discarded every day. It is therefore relevant to consider how to create an environmentally friendly packaging solution for e-commerce.


How can you create sustainable packaging for e-commerce?

If you want to develop more sustainable packaging for your products, it’s a good idea to consider the materials you use.

Internet giant Zalando has a vision for 2020. They aim to replace all packaging materials with environmentally friendly materials that are 100% recyclable. Going forward, the e-commerce company will only use recyclable paper packaging. Additionally, Zalando will phase out all plastic bags, replacing them with paper bags.

In 2018, Coleman Parkes Research conducted a study on packaging, yielding interesting results.

In recent years, the media has heavily focused on how plastic packaging pollutes the oceans, and it has influenced Europeans. 74% of Europeans say that media coverage of packaging waste has influenced their buying habits.

The study also shows that 75% of European consumers say that sustainable shipping packaging affects their purchasing decisions.

What options do you have for creating sustainable packaging?

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, demanding sustainable products and packaging more than ever before. Businesses can leverage a sustainable profile to their commercial advantage because sustainability sells. If you have created environmentally friendly product content in sustainable packaging, make sure to communicate it to consumers! This way, you are doing both the environment and your business a favor. We have gathered some tips on how to make your packaging more sustainable and how to inform your (potential) customers about it:

Sustainable Materials – Use recyclable materials and communicate it through your packaging design. Consumers are interested in how eco-friendly your packaging is, and they should easily access this information. If your packaging is made of recycled plastic, you can write ‘100% recycled plastic’ to capture consumers’ attention.

Environmental Certifications – A study conducted by Epinion for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency shows that half of consumers look for eco-labels and a company’s environmental profile when choosing a product.

Use Colors, Patterns, Illustrations, etc., Evoking Environmental Themes – Simple designs, the color green, and illustrations of leaves are all elements that indicate your packaging is sustainable.


If you want read more about sustainable packaging you can read our page or go to our sustainable website.

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