Cosmetic packaging

At Packwise, we offer a wide range of cosmetic packaging. Our varieties of packaging for cosmetics range from the latest generations of airless pump systems, elegant cream jars, cream tubes and bottles with sprayer and pump solutions to your product.

The packaging is often of great importance when the consumer has to choose a personal care item or cosmetic product. There is a sea of cosmetic products, which is why it is extremely important that your particular packaging stands out on the store shelf. In fact, more than 70% of consumers only make the purchase decision when they are in stores in front of the shelves. In such a buying situation, your product has only approx. three seconds to capture consumer’s attention. So how can you make your product stand out and position your brand as the preferred choice in the minds of consumers?

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Differentiate yourself with your packaging

To differentiate your product from the other cosmetics brands, you should have a focused strategy for your packaging design. The beauty industry is very focused on visual identity, and your cosmetic packaging should therefore have an aesthetic design that matches the industry’s standards and trends. There is fierce competition in the industry, and it is therefore important to be aware of how you can best capture the attention of your target group with your packaging. At Packwise, we always strive to be up to date on trends in packaging design, and we are well equipped to guide you in the design of your cosmetic packaging. At Packwise, we can both assist you in finding the right type of packaging for your product and help you develop an appealing and unique design for your cosmetic packaging.

The connection between product and your packaging design

We know how essential the correspondence between product content and packaging design is when it comes to attracting consumer attention. We therefore always do our best to develop an appealing packaging that clearly communicates the quality of your product content. We incorporate your desires for product perception and consider product DNA when we recommend or specifically develop the packaging that matches your cosmetic or skin care product and communicates with the product’s target group. We therefore consider both the aesthetics of the beauty industry and the values of your company when we develop your next packaging.

Steps to finding the right cosmetic packaging:

There are many things to consider when finding the right cosmetic packaging.
We therefore come with 5 steps that you can follow when choosing cosmetic packaging for your product:

  • Consider who your target audience is
  • Consider which cosmetic product to package
  • Consider how your product should be dispensed
  • Incorporate functionality into the packaging
  • Attract attention with packaging

Once you have considered who your target audience is, you may have learned more about what your product should express. Is your target audience committed to sustainability? Price? Exclusivity? Or something else?

In addition, it is important to consider which product you should package and what the viscosity is to ensure the right packaging. With these considerations of your cosmetic packaging, you will attract the right attention to your product

Sustainable cosmetic packaging

Growing environmental awareness from consumers results in an increased demand for sustainable solutions. This also applies to the packaging industry, where there has been a great deal of focus on the environment. At Packwise, we are of course also very mindful of the subject and we are determined to contribute to a greener world. That is why many of our packaging solutions are also sustainable. For example, we can help with finding containers that are developed in sustainable materials, or we can help you put the packaging materials together in a recycling-friendly way. We are also aware that there is a large amount of product content that is wasted in the cosmetic industry due to inappropriate packaging solutions. Of course, we also want to change that. At Packwise, it is therefore possible to develop and produce a sustainable cosmetic packaging for your product.

Gul airless dispenser

We help with your cosmetic packaging

We can help you identify and select the packaging solution(s) that meet your requirements and expectations for design, functionality and user experience. Of course, we make sure that the solutions we agree on comply with your budget. At Packwise, you are involved in the entire process and from the very beginning you get the opportunity to influence the design of your cosmetic packaging. It is you, who decides and we do our best to meet your requirements.

We offer both standard packaging and specifically designed packaging. If you choose one of our standard packaging solutions, you will still have the opportunity to create a completely unique packaging. You can choose to individualize the packaging by means of coloring and different surface treatment. In addition, you can put your own stamp on the packaging in the form of numerous options in printing, labeling and embossing. With quite a few tools, it is possible to achieve a visible effect and create a strong shelf impact with one of our standard solutions. With Packwise as your packaging supplier, you always have the opportunity to put your own stamp on your cosmetic packaging.

We look forward to designing, developing and producing your next cosmetic packaging. If you have questions or want to order packaging samples today, you are welcome to contact us here:


    Accordion Content

    Cosmetics packaging refers to the containers, bottles, jars and pumps used to hold and present cosmetic products such as creams, lotions, perfumes and make-up. It is the primary packaging that protects and presents cosmetic products to consumers.

    Cosmetics packaging can be sustainable by using recyclable materials such as glass or recycled plastic, reducing excess packaging, minimising the use of unnecessary plastic and implementing environmentally friendly production methods and transport.

    We ensure the quality of our cosmetics packaging through quality control throughout the production cycle, use of high-quality materials and safety testing for compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations.

    The types of materials typically used for cosmetics packaging include glass, plastic, metal and paper. In addition to subjective factors, the choice of packaging materials depends on the composition of the product, including migration and safety requirements.

    Yes, we offer cosmetics packaging customisation with your logo or design to meet your branding and marketing needs.

    Yes, we have an MOQ on orders that varies from product to product. Typically, the MOQ is between 5,000 and 20,000 pieces, depending on the packaging.

    Yes, we are happy to provide guidance and advice on your next packaging project. Feel free to write or call us and we will be happy to organise a non-binding meeting with you.