Cosmetic packaging

This packaging category includes cream jars and tubes, cosmetic bottles, airless pump systems, airless tubes, plastic bottles as well as lotion pumps, sprayers and caps. We have a range of standard packaging and can also offer development of cosmetic packaging in your own design.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic packaging, which spans everything from the latest generations of airless pump systems, elegant cream jars, cream tubes and bottles with spray and pump solutions for your product.

The packaging is often of great importance when the consumer has to choose a personal care or self-pampering product and choose yours out of the many on the shelf. We know how essential the correspondence between product content and packaging design is when it comes to attracting consumer attention. We therefore always do our utmost to develop an appealing packaging. We incorporate your desires for product perception, consider product DNA and your target group when we recommend or develop the packaging that exactly matches your cosmetics or skin care product.

We help with

We can help you identify and select the packaging solution(s) that meet your requirements and expectations for design, functionality and user experience. Of course, we make sure that the solutions we agree on comply with your budget.

We offer both standard packaging and specifically designed packaging. If you choose one of our standard packaging solutions, you will still have the opportunity to create a completely unique packaging. You can choose to individualize the packaging in the form of coloring and different surface treatment. In addition, you can put your own stamp on the packaging in the form of numerous options in printing, labeling and embossing. With quite a few tools, it is possible to achieve a visible effect and thus create a strong shelf impact with one of our standard solutions too.

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