Gift boxes & secondary packaging

At Packwise, we design, develop and produce unique gift boxes and secondary packaging for your product. We focus on making the product and packaging appear as one solid experience. We advise you on design, material and function, so that your product is as well wrapped as the product content itself.

At Packwise, we do not just develop your primary packaging. We also have the option of designing a secondary packaging that matches your product and your image. We offer specifically designed gift boxes, including cosmetic boxes, sampak boxes and Christmas gift boxes. Our secondary packaging can be developed in all materials, shapes and colors with logo printing and engraving/embossing. With Packwise as your packaging supplier, you have the opportunity to develop a completely unique secondary packaging that fits your products perfectly.

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We are experts in gift boxes for packaging

At Packwise, we are experts in the design, development and production of primary and secondary packaging. The primary packaging is in direct contact with the product, which the secondary packaging is not. The secondary packaging is thus the outer packaging, which can consist of many different materials and be in varying shapes and sizes. A secondary packaging may be intended to protect the primary packaging and thus the product, but it may also be designed to collect several products in one box.

Design of gift boxes and secondary packaging

A secondary packaging – regardless of purpose – helps to give the consumer a feeling of exclusivity, as it is an extra luxury, that the products are neatly packaged and protected. At Packwise, we focus on the secondary box being protective and functional – but it should also serve as an extra treat for your customers. That is why we are very committed to creating an appealing packaging design that matches your product and your company’s values.

In addition to wrapping and protecting your product, the secondary packaging also helps your product leave a visual impression on new as well as existing customers. In other words, the packaging can contribute to an effective branding of your product. It is therefore important to create a targeted strategy and decide, which target group your packaging should communicate with. This is because it will have a big impact on how your packaging design should be designed. At Packwise, we can help you design your secondary packaging to ensure that it appeals to your target audience.

We help with your gift boxes & secondary packaging

We offer gift boxes in a multitude of different materials and with numerous printing and embossing techniques, which enables for a tailor-made solution suitable to your product and brand. Let us help you find the solution that meets your desires for design, quality, quantity and budget.

The perfect secondary packaging can enhance the experience of giving and receiving a gift. The gift box acts as an extra luxury that frames products in an exclusive way. It can help improve the customer’s overall experience of your brand and your products. We can help with packaging design and material samples for your specifically designed gift box or secondary packaging. If you already have a design ready, we also handle the production of the box with the features, materials, colors, etc. that you choose. At Packwise, we are specialists in developing unique secondary packaging solutions, and you will therefore unfortunately not find secondary packaging as a standard solution in stock with us.

We focus on designing and producing boxes that follow the trends of the time, and which – most importantly – support your visual identity and match your product.

We look forward to designing, developing and producing your next gift box or secondary packaging. If you have questions or already want to order packaging samples today, please feel free to contact us here:


    Accordion Content

    Secondary packaging refers to the packaging used to contain multiple units of primary packaging. It is often an outer packaging or a strapping system used to protect, organise and transport the primary packaging, such as boxes or crates.

    Secondary packaging can be sustainable through the use of recyclable materials such as cardboard or pulp, which are lightweight and can reduce the need to extract new resources.

    Secondary packaging, such as boxes or crates, helps preserve the quality of the product against damage caused by shocks, vibrations or drops during transport.

    Secondary packaging design can increase brand identity by using the right colours, fonts and graphic elements. This way, you can create a design that users remember.

    Yes, we offer customisation of secondary packaging with your logo or design to meet your branding and marketing needs. This way, we make sure your packaging is unique.

    Yes, we have an MOQ on orders that varies from product to product. Typically, the MOQ is between 5,000 and 20,000 pieces, depending on the packaging.

    Yes, we are happy to provide guidance and advice on your next packaging project. Feel free to write or call us and we will be happy to organise a non-binding meeting with you.