Gift boxes & secondary packaging

We offer specifically designed gift boxes, including cosmetic boxes, sampak boxes and Christmas gift boxes, and secondary packaging in all materials, shapes and colors with logo printing and engraving/embossing.

At Packwise, we design, develop and produce unique gift boxes and secondary packaging for your product. We focus on the product and packaging appearing as one solid experience. We advise on design, material and function, so that your product is as well wrapped as the product content itself.

In addition to wrapping and protecting your product, the secondary packaging also helps your product leave a visual impression on new as well as existing customers. In other words, the packaging can contribute to effective branding of your product.

We design and produce boxes that follow current trends and that – most importantly – support your visual identity and match your product.

We help with

We offer gift boxes in a multitude of different materials and with numerous printing and embossing techniques, enabling a tailor-made solution to suit your product and brand. Let us help you find the solution that meets your desires for design, quality, quantity and budget.

You can find inspiration for your next gift box in our blog post or in our case at the bottom of the page.

The perfect secondary packaging can enhance the experience of giving and receiving a gift. The gift box functions as an extra luxury that exclusively frames products, which helps to improve the customer’s overall experience of your brand and your products. We can help with packaging design and material samples for your specifically designed gift box or secondary packaging. If you already have a design ready, we also handle the production of the box with the functions, materials, colors, etc. you want. At Packwise, we specialize in developing unique secondary packaging solutions, and you will therefore unfortunately not find standard gift boxes in stock with us.

If you have come a long way in your process and already want to order packaging samples, you can see our selection and contact us here:

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