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We design and produce pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging. The primary task of pharmaceutical packaging, besides protecting the product content, is to communicate precise details about the ingredients, inform consumers about usage through mandatory text, and also contribute to creating brand awareness.

Under the pharmaceutical category, you will find packaging for medical devices, dietary supplements, health foods, and pharmaceutical products. We offer medicine glass, plastic bottles, and aluminum bottles. Additionally, we also offer tubes, pill boxes, pill bottles, dropper bottles, as well as boxes for medical devices. It is possible to have pharmaceutical packaging delivered in both standard and custom designs.

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Requirements for pharmaceutical packaging

There are strict requirements for pharmaceutical packaging, and it is therefore important to be aware of the regulations in the field. The rules for marketing pharmaceutical packaging have been developed to ensure that consumers use products correctly and safely. Therefore, the labeling on the packaging must also be indicated by indelible, legible, and visible letters for safety reasons.

Our product solutions are carefully developed for the products that need to be packaged. If you have a product that requires special packaging, including regulatory requirements for storage, safety, and product protection, we can provide packaging that is approved for your specific product. When choosing packaging for pharmaceutical products, it is also important to facilitate the user’s administration of the medication and thereby increase compliance.

At Packwise, we are specialists in providing pharmaceutical packaging that matches your product content. Therefore, you are in safe hands with us as a supplier of your pharma packaging. You can also read about our packaging for CBD products and how we comply with the authorities’ regulations.

Compliance and user-friendliness

When developing pharmaceutical packaging, compliance, and user-friendliness are essential. Patients must take their medication as prescribed to achieve the intended therapeutic effect, so it is important that this is reflected in the packaging and design. Consider how the days of the week are indicated on birth control pill packs, allowing women to keep track of which days they have taken the pill. Another example is how some pharmaceutical products have an easy-to-grip screw cap, enabling a person with Parkinson’s disease to open it.

Designing your pharmaceutical packaging

It should be easy for the consumer to decipher the benefits of choosing your product over another on the shelf. The easiest way to differentiate yourself from competitors is through a well-thought-out and visually appealing packaging design. It is possible to appeal to selected segments through the packaging’s visual identity and design language. Therefore, you should consider which target audience you want to communicate with – it has a significant impact on the outcome of your packaging design.

We work strategically to ensure that both form, function, and visual appearance speak to your product’s target audience. In addition, we take pride in ensuring that your packaging’s visual identity aligns with your company’s values and DNA. You can read our blog post on how to create aesthetic and functional packaging for vitamin pills.

High safety and quality

The quality of packaging is vital in the pharmaceutical category. At Packwise, we are always in dialogue with raw material manufacturers, factories, as well as testing and certification institutes to continuously update quality procedures. Our factories and production meet at least the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ensuring that your pharma product packaging complies with all requirements and regulations in the field.

In addition to being quality assured, it is also important that pharmaceutical packaging has a high degree of safety. This applies to packaging design and development, production, transportation, and commissioning. Pharma packaging on the market is often special solutions developed with a specific product content and target audience in mind. The products are subject to different safety requirements according to the product content. The same safety measures also apply to chemical cleaning agents, where child-resistant packaging is the preferred and safest choice.

Design and production of pharmaceutical packaging are therefore subject to some legislative guidelines. However, it does not prevent a good user experience from being considered. There are many possibilities within pharma packaging, and we always start with your wishes and requirements when developing new packaging for medicine or health products.

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We are dedicated to delivering or developing the perfect pharmaceutical or medical packaging that meets your requirements for easy handling, unpacking experience, information decoding, and recyclability.

Whether you’re looking for a new pipette bottle, shipping-friendly tablet containers, a standard package with a twist, a specially designed healthcare package, or child-resistant capsules for your medicinal product, we have got you covered. Our starting point is always your individual needs and requirements for product packaging.

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