When you want to invest in the design and development of packaging for your products, a number of questions often arise: How does a packaging development project proceed? How do I achieve savings on the packaging while making my purchases more efficient? How do I make sure the new packaging or the new packaging parts work in my production?

We want to make the process of purchasing, selecting packaging and phasing in as convenient and efficient as possible for you. We therefore work with a customer-specific roadmap, so that you can always follow the process – step by step.

We provide standard solutions in many of our packaging categories. However, you always have the opportunity to make our standard packaging unique using different design elements. You can choose different sizes and shapes of both container and dispenser / capsule, and in addition you can color the packaging in the color (s) you want.


We also have the opportunity to develop specifically designed packaging solutions based on your unique needs and requirements for functionality, design and material as well as budget and delivery. Our specifically designed solutions are popular among our customers, as they create a good opportunity to really differentiate themselves from other types of packaging within the same category. In addition, the specifically designed solutions can be adapted to your product content, so you get the dosage, size, shape etc. which is most optimal in relation to the viscosity of your product, requirements for durability, etc.

We offer graphic design and 3D modeling in connection with the development of specifically designed packaging and upgrading of standard packaging solutions.

For each new project, we want to get to know you and your product. Knowledge creates the best conditions for delivering the desired packaging innovation or the updated graphic expression that creates renewed interest in an existing product range.


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Get 3D mockups for visualization before production

hvid conditioner i pumpedispenser
PE flaske med doseringspumpe
kosmetikemballage til olie
shampooflaske med pumpedispenser
haarolie tube-emballage
emballageflasker med pumpe

We develop solutions that are tailored to your needs. We can offer designs and series of photorealistic mockups with your design wishes for visualization before production. That way, you can get an idea of what the finished product looks like before you decide. Our customers are happy with this feature as it can be hard to imagine how different design elements will play together at the end result. Our mockups allow you to get as realistic a picture of your product as possible before it is produced. 

Get our help with label design

eksempel paa labeldesign

A label is an important part of packaging, as it has both visual and practical purposes. There is a lot of practical information that must be included on a label, e.g. overview of ingredients, bar code, place of origin etc. This information is legally required to be provided, and it is therefore important to be aware of it. In addition, it is essential to consider the design of your label as it also has an aesthetic function. Your label should reflect the identity and values of your company as well as match with the remaining packaging design. You can create the visual expression you want using colors, illustrations, fonts and more. All decisions made in the design process have an impact on the overall look of your packaging. At Packwise, we believe that a successful label strenghtens the brand and provides the consumer with significant data about product type and volume.

See our e-books for information about packaging design and material selection

Plastic explained E-bog

Sustainability is gaining increasing traction in connection with the development and production of new products. It is becoming more and more relevant to develop sustainable alternatives or make environmentally friendly choices – also when it comes to the development and design of packaging.

The Visual Identity E-book

This e-book guides you within the many options you have when developing and designing packaging for personal care and cosmetics. The e-book will teach you to be able to make decisions about which visual elements should be included in your packaging design. It is extremely relevant to consider all parts of your design as your packaging is much more than just the packaging of your product content.

The functional identity E-book

This e-book deals with the functional identity in packaging design for cosmetics and personal care. We distinguish between primary and secondary packaging and present you with a wide range of primary packaging types. We guide you in your packaging selection by highlighting what you should take into account when choosing a packaging type for your product.

Use our design builder to create your desired custom-designed packaging solution.

Once you’ve decided to make a new product or give an existing product line a facelift, you’ve probably made a lot of considerations and thoughts about what can be done, what it should look like – or maybe even higher. degree – how it should not look like.

The design process is an important part of the development of your product, as you have the opportunity to transform standard packaging into a personal and individual packaging. As a customer of Packwise, you are part of the journey in the development of the packaging for your product. It is you who decides, and we do our best to guide and support you in the process.

We do know, however, how confusing it can seem. That is why we have made it easy for you to see how we work with the design process – from the first idea to the finished packaging solution. It is not certain that all points will be in use to achieve the desired result, but overall we work with four process phases with sub-points. These are briefly described below.