At Packwise we offer different types of caps for your packaging. Our product range consists of flip-top caps, disc-top caps and push-pull caps. The flip-top caps have a hinged lid that can be flipped open and closed.

Our disc-top caps have a circular disc that can be pressed down to open the container and popped back up to close it. Push-pull caps, on the other hand, have a mechanism that allows the user to open and close the container by pushing down on or pulling up on the cap.

All three types of caps are designed to be easy to use and provide an airtight seal to keep the contents of the container fresh and prevent spills or leaks. The flip-top and disc-top caps are commonly used for personal care products, while the push-pull caps are often used on sports bottles and other containers that hold liquids or other materials that can be harmful if ingested. 

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