Cream Jar

At Packwise we offer a wide selection of exclusive cream jars. Our cream jars are typically made of glass or plastic and they allow the users easy access to the contents. Our cream jars are commonly used in the personal care and cosmetics industries to package products like creams, lotions, etc., as a cream jar is a very advantageous packaging for skin care products.

The cream jar can increase the shelf life of your product as it is hygienic, clean and has good barrier properties. The jars often have a tight-fitted lid to keep the contents fresh and prevent spills or leaks. At Packwise we supply jars in all standard colors and various sizes and designs.

We produce containers that match the specific wishes and requirements you have for the size, locking function, color, shape, material, etc. We have a myriad of design options, and we want to help you from the beginning to the end of the process.

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