Airless bottles and cream jars in PP for facial and skincare.

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MOQ: 5.000
Delivery Time: 50 days + transport.

Packing Details

15ml: Bottle 48x33x37cm, 350pcs/ctn. Cap 48x33x37cm, 560pcs/ctn. Pump 48x33x37, 1260pcs/ctn.

30ml: Bottle 48x33x38cm, 350pcs/ctn. Cap 48x33x37cm, 560pcs/ctn. Pump 48x33x37, 1260pcs/ctn.

60ml: Bottle 56x37x38cm, 160pcs/ctn. Cap 56x37x37cm, 320pcs/ctn. Pump 48x33x40, 1260pcs/ctn.

120ml: Bottle 56x37x40cm, 90pcs/ctn. Cap 56x37x38cm, 280pcs/ctn. Pump 48x33x39, 768pcs/ctn.

5g: Jar 47,5×32,5x43cm, 918pcs/ctn. Cap 47,5×32,5x43cm, 2730pcs/ctn.

15g: Jar 47,5×32,5x35cm, 216pcs/ctn. Cap 47,5×32,5x40cm, 600pcs/ctn. Liner 47,5×32,5x43cm, 5000pcs/ctn.

30g: Jar 47,5×32,5x40cm, 168pcs/ctn. Cap 47,5×32,5x43cm, 600pcs/ctn. Liner 47,5×32,5x43cm, 5000pcs/ctn.

50g: Jar 47,5×32,5x40cm, 120pcs/ctn. Cap 47,5×32,5x40cm, 480pcs/ctn. Liner 47,5×32,5x43cm, 5000pcs/ctn.


Color: Pantone, Standard
Material: PMMA, PP
Diameter: 33.0 - 75.0mm, 37.0 - 61.0mm
Capacity: 15g, 30g, 50g, 5g, 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

Material options

✓ Recyclable / PCR
✓ Virgin
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