Plastic explained E-bog

Sustainability is gaining increasing traction in connection with the development and production of new products. It is becoming more and more relevant to develop sustainable alternatives or make environmentally friendly choices – also when it comes to the development and design of packaging.

The Visual Identity E-book

This e-book guides you within the many options you have when developing and designing packaging for personal care and cosmetics. The e-book will teach you to be able to make decisions about which visual elements should be included in your packaging design. It is extremely relevant to consider all parts of your design as your packaging is much more than just the packaging of your product content.

The functional identity E-book

This e-book deals with the functional identity in packaging design for cosmetics and personal care. We distinguish between primary and secondary packaging and present you with a wide range of primary packaging types. We guide you in your packaging selection by highlighting what you should take into account when choosing a packaging type for your product.