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In this category you will find more information about packaging solutions developed from certified rock paper, FSC-labeled wood, bioplastic, maize-based PLA, 100% compostable and biodegradable bagasse made from sugar cane and other sustainable materials.

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Since the early 1980s, the concept of sustainability has grown significantly. Consumers’ environmental awareness has risen and continues to rise, and there is a greater demand than ever before for sustainable products. It puts healthy pressure on companies that invest massively in green initiatives, phasing in new and green packaging materials in the desire to become consumers’ preferred supplier and packaging partner.

Do you and your company also want to get on the green wave and show more environmental consideration? Then the packaging is a good place to start. At Packwise, we can help you create a more sustainable profile by offering different product packaging in naturally occurring and recyclable materials.

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At Packwise, we are focused on developing environmentally responsible and sustainable packaging. We therefore channel continuous resources in new development projects, in the design and production of new sustainable packaging solutions that at least live up to the requirements you make for environmental impact. Without compromising on functionality, security and design.

There are numerous options within sustainable packaging. The correct choice of material depends on your product, your wishes for packaging design and your requirements for packaging and handling. Among other things, we can design, develop and produce solutions in recycled plastic, sustainable paper and cardboard (FSC-approved forestry) and sustainable plastic (ethanol-based sugar cane, maize-based bioplastic PLA and Nordic Ecolabelled palm leaf products).

We also work with producers of rock paper (Cradle-to-Cradle-certified material), which is used in the manufacture of bags and hangers for the textile industry. We can also offer the FDA- and BfR-approved material DuraPulp (mixture between wood fibers and biopolymer PLA), which has a fantastic tactile coating, and which is especially suitable for molded items.

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