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Our range of packaging for cleaning consists of PE and PET bottles, special bottles with spray (car care sprayers, house & garden sprayers, hose end sprayers), special sprayers, trigger sprayers, PET bottles and special caps. Our cleaning packaging is delivered both as standard and specifically designed solutions.

At Packwise, we offer both standard packaging and specifically designed packaging solutions to our customers. This of course also applies within the category of cleaning packaging, where we can supply many different types of containers for cleaning products.

When we develop a packaging solution for your cleaning product, we focus on ease of use and functionality. We are aware of the importance of functional packaging when it comes to need-to-have products such as various cleaning products. As with most other product types, consumers place emphasis on packaging design, functionality and reliability. Your product only has a few seconds to speak to the consumer, and we therefore place great emphasis on design and function going hand in hand, so that exactly your product is chosen by the consumer.

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At Packwise, we work purposefully to find the packaging solution that best suits your product. We therefore take into account your wishes for functionality, design, material, budget and delivery as well as whether you want a standard or specifically designed packaging solution.

As always, we focus on sustainability and therefore offer our packaging for cleaning in a number of sustainable materials (when the content and chemistry allow it). For example, we often use PET for household products, as the material can be sorted and is very easy to recycle.

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