Cleaning packaging

At Packwise, we offer standard and specifically designed packaging solutions in all packaging categories to our customers. Of course, this also applies to the category of cleaning packaging, where we have a number of standard containers for our customers to choose from. As mentioned, we can also develop specifically designed packaging solutions – we have done this, for example, for Änglamark’s detergent.

Our range of packaging for cleaning consists of PE and PET bottles, special bottles with sprayers (car care sprayers, house & garden sprayers, hose end sprayers), special sprayers, trigger sprayers and special caps. Our cleaning packaging is delivered both as standard and specifically designed solutions. However, you always have the opportunity to make your own mark on your packaging – even if you choose one of our standard solutions. At Packwise, we are also specialists in packaging design, which is why we can help you through the design process.

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Cleaning packaging – design and functionality

When we develop a packaging solution for your cleaning product, we focus on ease of use and functionality. We know the importance of a functional packaging that works as intended. This is especially important when it comes to products such as cleaning products that fall into the category of need-to-have. As with most other product types, consumers place emphasis on packaging design, functionality and reliability. That is why we also place great emphasis on helping you find the right packaging solution for your cleaning product.

Your product only has a few seconds to capture the attention of consumers in a buying situation, and it is therefore important that your particular product stands out. The best way to make your product differentiate from the competition is by an appealing packaging design. This also applies even if the product to be sold is a need-to-have product such as a cleaning agent. The packaging design is therefore an important part of your overall strategy for why consumers should choose your product over other’s. 

At Packwise, we know that good design and functionality are absolutely essential for whether consumers choose just your product. That is why we place great emphasis on developing a user-friendly, appealing packaging, so that it is your product that will be remembered by consumers.

Sustainable cleaning packaging

Consumers are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly packaging solutions, more than ever before. At Packwise, we are naturally interested in creating solutions that do not unnecessarily burden the environment. Of course, this also applies to the category of cleaning packaging. We therefore offer our packaging for cleaning in a range of sustainable materials (when the content and chemistry allow it). For example, we often use PET for household products, as the material can be sorted and is very easy to recycle. With Packwise as your packaging supplier, you have the opportunity to choose some of the more sustainable packaging solutions. This is especially positive if you have a sustainable cleaning agents that you would like to package. This is because it will create consistency between product content and packaging if they are both created in a sustainable way.

We help with your cleaning packaging

At Packwise, we work purposefully to find the packaging solution that best suits your product. We therefore take into account your wishes for functionality, design, material, budget and delivery as well as whether you want a standard or specifically designed packaging solution. If you want your own design, your own color or have specific dosage requirements, we can also help with that. At Packwise, we have the opportunity to design, develop and produce unique solutions in different material compositions for unique products and usage situations. In addition, our designers can help with the design of the label and the design of containers, so that your product becomes unique and stands out on the shelf.

We look forward to designing, developing and producing your next cleaning packaging. If you have questions or already want to order packaging samples today, please feel free to contact us here:


    Cleaning packaging refers to the containers used to store and transport detergents and cleaning supplies. It can include spray bottles, buckets and jars designed to hold liquid soap, disinfectants, dishwashing detergents, etc.

    Cleaning packaging refers to the containers used to store and transport detergents and cleaning supplies. It can include spray bottles, buckets and jars designed to hold liquid soap, disinfectants, dishwashing detergents, etc.

    Cleaning packaging can be sustainable through the use of recyclable materials such as PET, as it is easy to recycle, can be sorted efficiently, and reduces waste in the environment.

    We ensure the quality of our cleaning packaging through quality control. This ensures that they fulfil specific industry standards, regulations and that the materials are durable.

    Choosing the right packaging is important as it can minimise the risk of accidental exposure or poisoning. At the same time, you should also ensure that you use leak-proof containers that can prevent contamination.

    Yes, we offer customisation of cleaning packaging with your logo or design to meet your branding and marketing needs. This way, we make sure your packaging is unique.

    Yes, we have an MOQ on orders that varies from product to product. Typically, the MOQ is between 5,000 and 20,000 pieces, depending on the packaging.

    Yes, we are happy to provide guidance and advice on your next packaging project. Feel free to write or call us and we will be happy to organise a non-binding meeting with you.