Disinfection packaging

At Packwise, we offer standard and specifically developed dispenser solutions and pump systems for disinfection. We have large experience with packaging for disinfectant, and we therefore have a solid knowledge within the field. We are therefore well equipped to guide you in the choice of packaging for your disinfectant.

Disinfectant remains an important and highly sought-after product – especially in times of bacterial and viral spread. An increased demand for disinfectant in particular has led to a greater production of packaging for hand sanitizer and hand soap.

Our selection of disinfectant packaging consists of wall-mounted dispensers and a wide range of PE and PET bottles with associated lotion pump, dosing capsules and trigger and finger sprayers.


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Choose the right packaging for disinfectants

There are many different product types within disinfectants. The choice of packaging depends, among other things, of the viscosity of the product, the desired dosing method and amount. We therefore offer bottles in many sizes and shapes with the associated lotion pump, disc top cap, finger sprayers or mini trigger sprayers depending on your needs. In addition to our large selection of standard packaging within disinfectant, we also offer specifically designed packaging. So you can be sure that we can develop packaging that matches your product and your needs.

High demand for disinfectant

Since the outbreak of covid-19, there has been a great demand for disinfectant from consumers, and thus also a demand for disinfectant packaging from manufacturers. Disinfectant packaging has gradually become a fixture in many stores and in many workplaces. We often find dispensers with disinfectant in various shapes and sizes at the entrances of the shops and workplaces. At Packwise, we suggest that stores and workplaces choose a specifically designed packaging solution with its own logo. It will create a more exclusive and aesthetic expression. In addition, it suggests that the disinfectant is here to stay, so it will be a long-term investment for companies.

Sustainable packaging and packaging design

At Packwise, we naturally care about the environment. In fact, we are very committed to making our packaging materials and production even more green. This applies to all of our packaging categories – and therefore of course also to disinfection packaging. There are now a number of companies selling disinfectant, and it is therefore worthwhile for you to consider how exactly your company can stand out. At Packwise, we see packaging as one of the places where you really have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This applies to both packaging design and sustainable materials and production.

Stand out with a sustainable packaging solution

At Packwise, we therefore suggest that you choose a sustainable packaging solution for your disinfectant. It benefits both the environment and your business, as consumers are in high demand for sustainable solutions. You can thus use the sustainable packaging in the marketing of your product. In addition, we know that many disinfectants have a packaging design that is similar to all the others. We therefore believe that it is essential that you stand out in this matter. You should be strategic about your packaging design as it really allows you to differentiate yourself from other companies. At Packwise, we are specialists in packaging design, and we always try to stay up to date on trends and tendencies in the field. We are therefore well equipped to guide you in how your packaging design will have the greatest possible success – both in terms of look and functionality.

gennemsigtig desinfektionsemballage håndsprit

We help with your disinfection packaging

At Packwise, we help you find the best possible solution for just your disinfectant. We meet your needs in terms of functionality, design and material. This applies whether you are looking for a standard packaging combination in the form of a PET bottle with a pump or a specifically designed packaging solution.

We can offer a fixed and wide range of plastic bottles in PE and PET, which can be individualized by means of coloring, printing, label, etc. In this way, you can put your own stamp on your packaging solution and thus create a unique product. We can also develop a specifically designed solution for your product if you wish. Whatever you choose, you can be sure to get expert advice on the possibilities of creating your own packaging profile. At Packwise, the possibilities are many, and we do our utmost to meet your requirements for your disinfection packaging

We look forward to designing, developing and producing your next disinfectant packaging. If you have questions or already want to order packaging samples today, please feel free to contact us here: