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Coop vaskemiddel emballage


We have the pleasure of introducing you to the newly developed packaging solution for COOP’s well-known Änglamark brand. In close collaboration with COOP and its contractor, Packwise has designed, developed and produced an innovative solution.

A solution that benefits both the consumer in the form of innovative functionality and the environment in the form of recycled material for the bottle. The Änglamark case is an example of a full-circle packaging process with Packwise.

Copenhagen Grooming

Copenhagen Grooming is an innovative company that develops and sells cosmetic products and personal care products, including a series of exclusive beard care products. In collaboration with CG, we have developed and produced a specifically designed gift box for the company’s premium range of beard care products. Copenhagen Grooming was looking for a partner to bring the company’s packaging ideas to reality to and ensure a conceptual thread throughout the packaging universe.

The Beard Growth Kit gift box elegantly presents the stylish products, while the gift box can withstand harsh treatment in connection with transportation and delivery to customers worldwide. The secondary packaging in heavily lined material and with a magnetic closure matches Copenhagen Grooming’s style universe and the high quality of the product range.

copenhagen grooming
haarolie brun PET flaske


Urtekram markets and produces organic food and organically certified care products that are sold in more than 36 countries. Urtekram has a clear packaging philosophy that dictates, where possible, all existing plastic packaging should be replaced with bottles and tubes made of sugar cane plastic. This means that more than 85% of the company’s range of care products were already in 2019 sold in packaging made from sugar cane. The new bottles and tubes are made of polyethylene (PE) and are of the same good and durable quality as the existing ones.

In collaboration with the company, we have developed a shatterproof packaging consisting of cosmetic bottle with dosing pump for the launch of the organic coconut hair oil.

Urtekram demanded an exclusive and elegant packaging of high quality, which at the same time should protect the product content from sunlight, which is solved in the form of the brown, matte bottle finish. The bottle should also be heavier than regular plastic bottles to support product quality and ensure stability. And finally, the packaging should match the visual expression in the rest of the company’s product range.

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