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We design, develop & produce packaging solutions with a focus on sustainability,
delivery security, quality and innovation.

Packaging catagories

Specially designed packaging solutions

We provide standard solutions within many of our packaging categories. However, you always have the option to make our standard packaging unique using various design elements. You can choose different sizes and shapes for both container and dispenser/capsule, and you can also colour the packaging in the colour(s) you want.

We also have the opportunity to develop specially designed packaging solutions based on your unique needs and requirements for functionality, design and material as well as budget and delivery. Our specially designed solutions are popular among our customers, as it creates a good opportunity to really differentiate ourselves from other types of packaging within the same category.

In addition, the specially designed solutions can be adapted to your product content, so that you get the dosage, size, shape etc. that is most optimal in relation to your product’s viscosity, durability requirements, etc. If you are interested in a specially designed packaging solution:

Our design process

We offer graphic design and 3D modelling in connection with the development of specially designed packaging and upgrading of standard packaging solutions.

For every new project, we want to get to know you and your product. Knowledge creates the best prerequisites for being able to deliver the desired packaging innovation or the updated graphic expression that creates renewed interest in an existing product range.

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Do you want to know more about plastic and how can we support our planet?

At Packwise, we want to raise awareness about different types of plastics and their influence on our environment. We aim to clarify which approach is the most sustainable in relation to your particular needs and products. There is not necessarily a recipe for the most sustainable production of packaging.There are usually both advantages and disadvantages to most approaches to both production, material selection and reusability.

Read our e-books for information about packaging design and material selection

We have gathered our knowledge in a series of e-books that can give you even more knowledge about sustainable packaging and eco-friendly plastics.
Packwise has years of experience in development and production of sustainable packaging and climate-friendly packaging.
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