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With a focus on sustainability, delivery security, quality and innovation 

Our selection of cosmetic packaging consists of airless bottles, cosmetic jars, cosmetic bottles, (airless) tubes, plastic bottles as well as lotion pumps, sprayers and caps – both as a standard solution and in your own design. We help with entire concept solutions and form development of product design.

Under the pharma category are medical and pharma packaging as well as packaging for healthy food and pharmaceutical products. We offer tablet boxes, pill jars, plastic packaging and boxes for medical equipment. Packaging is delivered in both standard and special designs.

Under this category are certified stone paper, FSC-labeled wood, bioplastic, maize-based PLA, 100% compostable and biodegradable bagasse made from sugar cane and other sustainable packaging materials.


We have the pleasure of introducing you to the newly developed packaging solution for COOP’s well-known Änglamark brand. In close collaboration with COOP and its contractor, Packwise has designed, developed and produced an innovative solution.

A solution that benefits both the consumer in the form of innovative functionality and the environment in the form of recycled material for the bottle. The Änglamark case is an example of a full-circle packaging process with Packwise.


Plastic explained E-bog

The Visual Identity E-book

The functional identity E-book


When you have decided to make a new product or give an existing product line a facelift, you have probably given yourself a wide range of considerations and thoughts about what can be done, what it should look like – or maybe even higher degree – how it should not look like.

The design process is an important part of the development of your product, as you have the opportunity to transform standard packaging into a personal and individual packaging. As a customer of Packwise, you are part of the journey in the development of the packaging for your product. It is you who decides, and we do our best to guide and support you in the process.

However, we know how confusing it can seem. That is why we have made it easy for you to see how we work with the design process – from the first idea to the finished packaging solution. It is not certain that all points will be needed to achieve the desired result, but overall we work with four process phases with sub-points. These are briefly described below.

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