Packaging for liquid detergent


We have the pleasure of introducing you to the newly developed packaging solution for COOP’s well-known Änglamark brand. In close collaboration with COOP and its contractor, Packwise has designed, developed and produced an innovative solution.

A solution that benefits both the consumer in the form of innovative functionality and the environment in the form of recycled material for the bottle. The Änglamark case is an example of a full-circle packaging process with Packwise.

Änglamark two bottles
Änglamark emballageløsning

Our task

COOP is looking for a partner for design, development and production of a packaging series for the well-known Änglamark brand. The requirements for the packaging design and the final packaging are that all three, the original Änglamark DNA, product functionality and environmental profile are integrated into the solution.


Änglamark is for most consumers synonymous with ecology, Nordic Ecolabelling and sustainability. Hence also the above requirement that the packaging is produced to the greatest possible extent.

The visual expression of the packaging, including label and embossing, are important design elements, as it must be easy to decode an Änglamark product.

In other words, the packaging must fit into Änglamark’s existing product range, but at the same time be characterized by innovative packaging functionality, which enhances the user experience.

Änglamark flasker
Änglamark project of the bottle


A 900 ml PET bottle produced from recycled material (RPET), which complements Änglamark’s sustainable brand. To ensure a better grip for the customer, the round bottle incorporates flat sides with a ribbed texture. In addition, there are measuring/dosing indicators, which are placed diagonally on the bottle, which promotes better dosing, regardless of how the bottle is held in the hand.

The bottle is decorated with a label that clearly communicates product information, variant and certificates as well as the new improved dosing experience. Last but not least, the well-known Änglamark logo, which is discreetly embossed in the top of the capsule for easy product decoding.


An innovative customer solution where functionality is literally turned upside down while environmental profile and visual identity are taken into account.