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Pharma Packaging: Quality, Safety, and Innovation

We are experts in the design and production of pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging. Our pharma packaging goes far beyond just protecting the product contents. Under the pharma category, we offer packaging solutions for medical equipment, dietary supplements, health food, and pharmaceutical

Our Product Range

We offer a wide range of packaging solutions, and our packaging is delivered both as standard and custom designs to meet your unique needs.

We offer, among other things:

  • Medicine glass
  • Plastic bottles
  • Aluminum bottles
  • Tubes
  • Tablet boxes
  • Pill jars
  • Dropper bottles
  • Boxes for medical equipment

We offer both standard and customised packaging designs to best meet your unique needs.

Requirements for Pharma Packaging

The requirements for clinical packaging are strict, including compliance with clinical guidelines and requirements for environmentally friendly packaging. Products within the pharma industry must meet legislative requirements for storage, safety, and product protection, an area where Packwise ensures compliance without compromise. Our pharma packaging is designed with a focus on compliance and
user-friendliness, including easy-to-read labeling for simple handling. Read more about pharmaceutical packaging here.

Design of Pharma Packaging

Visual packaging design is crucial to differentiate yourself and attract the target audience. Our strategy for pharma packaging design focuses on aesthetics and value communication, creating a strong visual identity within the Pharma Industry

Want to stand out from the crowd?

  • Thoughtful and visually appealing packaging design allows you to appeal to your preferred segments.
  • Consider your target audience. Who do you want to communicate with? This has a significant impact on the outcome of your packaging design.

Need help with your Pharma Packaging?

Whether you’re looking for standard packaging or a custom solution, we’re here to meet your needs.
Let Packwise help you find the right solution for your pharmaceutical packaging.


Accordion Content

Pharma packaging refers to the jars and bottles used to contain pharmaceutical products such as medicines. It is the primary packaging that protects and presents pharmaceutical products to consumers.

Pharma packaging can be sustainable by using materials that are environmentally friendly and reduce material consumption. Packaging should use as little material as possible without compromising the safety and quality of the product.

We ensure the quality of our pharma packaging by liaising closely with raw material producers, factories and certification institutes to comply with quality procedures. We also make sure to manufacture your packaging safely, as there are specific customised solutions and safety requirements depending on product content and target group.

The most important requirements for pharma packaging are that the packaging is labelled in legible and visible letters so that consumers can use the products correctly and safely. Furthermore, it is also critical that it is user-friendly and compliant. In other words, the packaging must clearly describe the dose that patients should take.

Yes, we offer customisation of pharma packaging with your logo or design to meet your branding and marketing needs. This way, we make sure your packaging is unique.

Yes, we have an MOQ on orders that varies from product to product. Typically, the MOQ is between 5,000 and 20,000 pieces, depending on the packaging.

Yes, we are happy to provide guidance and advice on your next packaging project. Feel free to write or call us and we will be happy to organise a non-binding meeting with you.

Designing pharmaceutical packaging

If you need a medicine bottle for your pharmaceutical product, let Packwise help you design, develop and produce a package that fits your product. At Packwise, we are specialists in pharma packaging design and we have a wide range of medicine bottles, jars and boxes in different shapes, colours, sizes and materials. We’ll ensure your packaging design matches your needs and brand while setting you apart from the competition.

What is medicine bottles?

At Packwise we design, produce and develop pharmaceutical packaging. Our medicine bottles and medicine boxes are designed to protect the contents of the product. In addition, it is essential that the packaging communicates the exact details of the ingredients in the product as well as informs how the product should be used. Pharma packaging is a broad category covering medical device packaging, plastic and aluminium medicine bottles, tubes, tablet boxes, pill bottles, dropper bottles and medical device boxes. Pharma packaging is available in standard and custom designs as with all other types of packaging from Packwise.

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Requirements for pharma packaging

It is important to be aware of the requirements for pharma packaging. Pharmaceutical packaging is subject to some rules to ensure that users use the products correctly and safely. For safety reasons, the labelling on the packaging must be in indelible, easily legible, visible letters. In addition, it is essential that patients can take the medicine as prescribed and ordered so that it works as intended. At Packwise, we consider ease of use when designing your medicine packaging. We follow the legal requirements for your pharmaceutical packaging. Indeed, there may be specific requirements for storage, safety and product protection depending on your product content. Naturally, we will develop your packaging in accordance with any regulatory requirements that may apply to your product packaging.


What to consider when designing pharma packaging?

When designing pharma packaging, there is, as mentioned, a lot to take into account. We have put together a guide on how to design your pharma packaging in terms of usability, shape, colour, font and legibility, sustainability and safety:

Ease of use

For consumers to benefit from your product and want to invest in it again, it is essential that the packaging is user-friendly. It must be easy for consumers to use the product correctly. User-friendliness must therefore be taken into account when designing and developing packaging. This is of course also true for pharma packaging such as medicine bottles, medicine boxes etc.


The shape of your pharma packaging has an impact on how customers perceive your product and brand. In addition, some packaging shapes are better suited to some products than others. It is therefore important that you consider the shape of your pharma packaging.


Some of the most popular colours in pharmaceutical packaging design are white, blue, red, green and brown. Colours have a psychological effect on people, so it’s worth considering which colours to include in your product’s packaging design. Colours have a big impact on the look of your packaging. You should therefore carefully consider what you want to signal with your product and your brand. Colours can also help capture consumers’ attention and are an effective way to stand out from your competitors.

Font and readability

The choice of font is one of the basic elements in the packaging design of pharma products. As mentioned earlier, it is a legal requirement that the labeling on the packaging must be in indelible, legible, visible characters. It is therefore essential to choose a font that is easy for consumers to decode.


Developing sustainable packaging solutions is becoming increasingly popular. There is a wide range of materials that can be said to be more sustainable than conventional plastics in some respects. You should consider whether you want your packaging to be more sustainable by, for example, being made from recycled plastic. This can benefit both the environment and your business, as many consumers value sustainability. 


It is important that safety is at the forefront when developing packaging for pharma products. We want to help you with that at Packwise. The primary purpose of pharma packaging is to keep the pharmaceutical product safe until the expiry date is exceeded.

Our range of medicine bottles, boxes and jars

At Packwise we have a wide range of standard solutions in pharma packaging. We can supply medicine bottles in various materials, shapes and sizes. You can find our range of standard packaging solutions for medicine bottles, medicine boxes and much more in our product catalogue. In addition, we have the capability to develop custom packaging solutions that match your exact needs.

Let Packwise help you with your packaging design

We specialise in developing pharma packaging that matches your product content. You are therefore in safe hands with Packwise as your packaging supplier. If you need help designing, producing, and developing packaging for your products, don’t hesitate to contact us today. At Packwise, we are always ready to help and guide you to find the packaging solution that best suits you and your product.

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